Executive Coaching

Executive coaching has grown dramatically because people who strive to be their best recognize that “what got you here, won’t get you there”; wherever “there” is for you. Just like a sports coach, a good coach will watch you in action and help you see what you do not see so you “play” a better game. Coaching enables busy executives and leadership teams to develop new behaviors, patterns of thinking and outcomes which facilitate their success while they are working. Weekly or bi-weekly coach meetings means that clients can learn quickly and the work is reinforced. Business Stamina Coaching covers communications, decision making, establishing priorities, business development, coping and resilience techniques, and becoming more influential. Clients are held accountable for what they promise themselves, and as a result, they can grow quickly without dramatically changing their schedules.

Freddi Donner has been coaching since 2004. Certified by the International Coaching Federation, Freddi is known for her gentle yet firm approach. She specializes in working with highly technical leaders who want to develop the soft skill of communications and presence. She works with each client’s strengths so that they become more effective in their work/life.

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